I, travellingross, have always had a fascination with travel. Exploring new places, learning history, seeing natural wonders, meeting people of various backgrounds. But it was my first international trip in January 2006 that planted a seed to explore more than just the backyard of my homeland in south-west Western Australia. That trip was ambitious. Having completed 4 years of University study to get my Bachelor of Environmental Science, then one year of full-time work, I was 23 and had the savings to reward myself and escape to an island where I could disconnect from everyone and everything for a week or so. That was it. That was the only objective. I chose Mauritius. I was then talked into exanding the trip into Africa by a travel agent who set me up with a cheapish airfare and did a good sales job educating me on tours and other options to deliver a truly memorable trip. And so I found myelf in Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, before laying on a beach in Mauritius for 7 days and then returning to Perth rested, relaxed, and with a new found passion to see more of the world and in particular the big ticket items – the World Wonders. Standing on the edge of Victoria Falls and hearing the thunder of the water was an inspiration. To this day I would claim it my most memorable travel highlight. Probably because it was my first major international experience, but also because it opened my eyes to a world beyond just me and the materialism of our society.

This was a moment that inspired my travel. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Australia Day, 2006.

This was a moment that inspired my travel. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Australia Day, 2006.

Skip forward 8 or so years and I have travelled widely and broadly. Largely through working overseas, specifically in Ghana, West Africa. And now, after taking 7 months off working, a new chapter begins as I commence a new job in Suriname, South America, working on a gold mining construction project. I am keen to share my experiences, photographs and learnings. I am glad you can follow me.


Please note, this is a new website and a work in progress. Bare with me while I learn. Cheers, travellingross. 

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