Best Photographs

Cut to the chase by clicking here to go to my ViewBug site or read below for the background…

I am a keen photographer and enjoy sharing my visual stories. I do not have the best equipment, or the best technique, but it is a hobby I find rewarding and I have captured some pretty good shots over the years.

I enjoy capturing moments. As they are. No post-production or extravagant photographic manipulation. I want people to see the scene how it is and feel like they were there with me in the moment. From the simple moments, to those that can only be dreamt of. The world is a beautiful place that many do not get to see. I am fortunate to have travelled so much of this dynamic planet and captured its beauty in my own special way without dwelling on yesterday or living for tomorrow. Just in the moment.

The Best

While will include great photos, I have a large catalogue of shots from past trips that are worth sharing. ViewBug is a great photo sharing site where I also enter competitions and sell prints. The collection will grow with time, so check it out for the best of the best:

For Sale

While ViewBug is a good platform for viewing my best shots, Pixoto is better if you want to download or purchase them without having to sign up. It has mostly the same photos I have on ViewBug, but Pixoto is a better place to buy stock, look for fantastic canvas art, and have a bit of fun in their image duels.

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